Caravan Towing Course

14 April 2021

TTS offer two Caravan Towing Courses. Whether you’re a caravan beginner looking to build confidence or are more experienced at towing caravans wanting to boost your skills.

Course 1 – Practical Caravanning Course

Ideal for first time caravanners - areas covered:

  • Hitching and unhitching
  • Towing safely on various types of roads
  • Loading your caravan and the effects it has on towing
  • Daily safety checks on your vehicle and caravan
  • Laws affecting the use of caravans

Course duration:  10 hours over two days


Course 2 – Caravan Manoeuvring Course

Ideal for the more experienced caravan owner - areas covered:

  • Straight line reversing
  • Reversing round corners, near side and off side (blind side)

Course duration:  Half day


What you will need:

  • Driving Licence
  • Your own vehicle and caravan
  • Insurance for a towing vehicle
  • Two blind spot external mirrors


For more information or to book please call:

Tel: 0191 286 2919 or 0333 358 2002

or email at hello@tynesidetrainingservices.co.uk




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