CPC Opportunities within a COVID Friendly Environment

21 October 2020


At present people within the transport and logistics sector are facing unprecedented times. At TTS we aim to provide greater flexibility and cost reductions to support current operational challenges.

In response to our customers raising the challenge of availability of courses, we have increased our Driver CPC programme offering to up to 6 days per week including Saturdays. We have also reduced the daily rate to £59.00 including JAUPT upload and VAT for all sessions. In most cases a saving of up to 30% for all courses booked and paid before 31st December 2020.

We aim to provide drivers greater flexibility in completing their Drivers CPC Qualification and periodic training in a more cost effective and flexible way in extremely challenging times.

Our Driver CPC training courses provide a great opportunity to maintain and develop a driver’s skills, knowledge and behaviours and work towards career progression. Some of the most recognised benefits of Driver CPC training include increased fuel efficiency, reduced accidents and maintenance costs and taking on more responsibility e.g. a first aider.


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