Customer Services & Sales

06 January 2022

Note: Workshop can be delivered at your premises or at our centre of excellence


Understanding the Customer

  • Explore how to fully understand the needs of a customer.
  • Understand how to manage an angry customer with the aim of turning them into an ambassador.
  • Evaluate different personality types and how to adapt your style to maximise your communications with customer


  • How to influence in a more constructive way with the use of positive phrasing, tone of voice and ‘language matching’.
  • Explore the skills of effective listening with the use of appropriate verbal acknowledgments.

The Sales Process

  • Enable you to understand the sales process.
  • Help you to achieve sales results.


  • Understand how your own personal motivation can impact upon your ability to be resilient when trying to achieve your sales targets.
  • Identify the key time management issues that you face and your own accountabilities within this.


  • Ideal for people who manage customer engagement and influence sales.


  • An understanding of what makes a successful and effective sales person.
  • Fully understand and appreciate the diverse needs of customers and how understanding these needs may be used to achieve sales.
  • Ability to adapt your own behaviour to maximise communication, and enhance your influencing skills.
  • An effective use of time management, self-analysis, and self-motivation skills to overcome barriers and objections.

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