Familiarisation Training

23 February 2022

Familiarisation Training

Who is the training suitable for?

This training is suitable for:

  • Experienced drivers moving onto new duties and/or a job change.
  • Drivers who may not have driven for some time and who require refresher training.
  • Companies whose policy it is that all new drivers are required to undergo familiarisation training at the start of their employment.

What does the training cover?

  • All types of roads and involves reversing and manoeuvring.
  • For drivers of artic vehicles, the training would also include coupling and uncoupling a trailer.
  • Developing Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving techniques.
  • The training will correct bad habits, build confidence and ensure a driver’s competence to be a professional driver.

Training duration:

The training is generally between two to four hours, depending on complexity of need and demographics. Our team will advise and agree requirement following initial discussion.


Training can either be at our site using our vehicles or at clients site using client vehicles (price would reflect this).

Prices start from £150.00 per person

(subject to complexity of need and demographics, we can also offer discounts for volume bookings).


For more information contact our Customer Service Team:

Tel: 0191 286 2919

Email: hello@tynesidetrainingservices.co.uk


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