Leading & Managing Performance - A Real Game Changer!

29 April 2021


TTS are running highly interactive events that will provide people with the opportunity to embrace key management challenges and agree objectives that will ultimately influence how people and teams perform moving forward.

Aim: To look at how people and teams work together to meet the strategic needs of the business. In particular helping people take ownership of key impact opportunities.

To look at how people aim to improve communication ultimately improving competence and performance.


  • To review personal priorities and challenges in the key areas of management and leadership, including diligence obligations.
  • To review best ways of enhancing performance through quality communication
  • To look at ways of managing and leading challenging behaviour
  • To review ways of gaining personal development that will ultimately improve operational performance.


A greater understanding of individuals skill sets capacity and competence levels, providing people the opportunity to maximise productivity and manage transformation.

For more information or to book an event please call:

John Jones

Director of Transformation

Tel: 07846 949078

Email: john.jones@tynesidetrainingservices.co.uk




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