Meet the Team - Jeff Maughan

15 March 2021



Jeff Maughan




"The Baldy One"


A measured and perceptive Instructor within the Logistic Environment.  Recognised throughout the North East as a reliable deliverer of both LGV Driver Training and Transport Management courses because of 30 years’ operating in both the Military and Civilian logistic sectors.

A solid understanding of how to manage individuals through the rigours and stress of training, expressing a vast amount of empathy and assistance to individuals through differentiation.

Impassioned by the advancement of others who are seeking new skills who aspire to take up new endeavours within the Logistic arena.

Fun Facts:

A certain stereotypical appearance (refer to aka) belies his true character as underneath the craggy exterior lies a big softy.  His main achievements are his two sons who have followed in his footsteps and are both serving their country in various guises.  Outside of work he can often be found in either the hills of the Lake District or equally just as comfortable in his kitchen.  An assured amateur cook he likes nothing more than whiling away the hours with a Belgium beer in hand, some 1980’s tunes on, while he knocks up another culinary masterpiece (Like his Legendary Christmas Pudding Cheesecakes)


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