Team Development

16 December 2021

Note: can be delivered at your premises or at our centre of excellence (download flyer)

Building relationships and embracing team values

Programme Aim:

To engage fresh ways of enhancing team membership, positively impacting shared values.

  • Embracing a team purpose, igniting your core values!
  • Agree team objectives and desired outcomes moving forward.
  • Look at ways of measuring team performance and impacts.
  • Agree ways of continuously improving your team operation.

Session 3

Building Team Trust and Confidence

  • Share your current working priorities and challenges.
  • Share ideas and quick wins that can make a difference.
  • Agree best ways of communicating on going team performance.
  • Agree ways of sharing achievements with others.

Session 4

Shared Service Standards

  • How do we remain focussed as a team?
  • How do we remain accountable as a team?
  • How do we ensure we remain open and transparent as a team?
  • How do we measure and share team success moving forward?

 Outcomes for the organisation:

  • Senior team members will develop a clear understanding of the commitment necessary to positively impact team performance.
  • Senior team members will contribute to the success of the organisation through enhanced teamwork.
  • All involved will engage a culture that values and promotes team membership and contribution.

 Outcomes for the individual:

  • Senior members will maintain a proactive attitude towards team membership and developing relationships with others.
  • Team members will gain a conceptual understanding of each other’s priorities and challenges.
  • Everyone will get to know each other quickly building personal bonds.
  • Clear goals and lines of communication moving forward.

 Price (incl VAT):  £85.00 per person (based on a minimum of 10 people)

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