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Career Choices for Young People

Career Planning
  • Understand how to identify your career goals and aspirations and consider the importance of SMART objective settings.
  • Understand how to map out and visualise your own career goal and begin to work on career action plans.
  • Evaluate your personal skills to assist in choosing a career.
Choices in Education or Training
  • Understand how to update or enhance your knowledge on options available in education or training.
  • Understand apprenticeships, their entry requirements, levels and salary.
  • Provide guidance on work-based training and internships.
Preparing for Work
  • Provide guidance on how to look for jobs.
  • Provide guidance on how to write and produce a winning CV and covering letter.
  • Understand the different types of interview situation and how best to prepare for interviews.
Work and Work Experience
  • Explore options for work in the voluntary sector.
  • Provide advice relating to settling into your new career.
  • How to use important milestones in your career and how to plan for these.
  • Understand how to develop an action plan for your long term career future


Those individuals who are preparing to leave school and need advice and guidance on how to plan their career and what options are available to them.


  • Gain knowledge on options available to all school leavers.
  • An understanding on how to identify career goals and skills.
  • Gain confidence and knowledge on how to create a successful application for employment and how to interview well.

Equality, Diversity & Rights – Team Members

Learning About Difference at Work
  • Identify differences and similarities that exist between people.
  • Explore the underlying reasons for human behaviour that can result in people being treated differently at work.
  • Learn the underlying concepts of equality and diversity.
Rights and Responsibilities Under UK Law
  • Learn the basics about UK anti-discrimination law.
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities under the law and employers’ policies by applying these in practice.
Communicating and Cooperating with Dignity
  • How to ensure that your team and your customers are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Explore the ways people think differently and how this can perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Identify ways to discuss and challenge the way you and your team members think about valuing diversity in employment.
Developing a Positive Working Environment
  • Some approaches to developing a positive working environment.
  • Learn about diversity for selecting the right team.
  • How to give feedback to unacceptable behaviour and prevent harassment and bullying.


All managers with a need to update their understanding and knowledge of Equality & Diversity issues at work.


  • Provides practical understanding of equality and diversity legislation.
  • Promotes best practise to support managers in creating and maintaining diverse teams.
  • Understand the cultural differences within teams and how to adapt communication to promote effective collaboration.
  • Develops the skills in approaching unacceptable behaviour.