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Equality, Diversity & Rights - Managers

Learning About Difference at Work
  • Identify differences and similarities that exist between people.
  • Explore the underlying reasons for human behaviour that can result in people being treated differently at work.
  • Learn the underlying concepts of equality and diversity
Rights and Responsibilities Under UK Law
  • Learn the basics about UK anti-discrimination law.
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities under the law and employers’ policies by applying these in practice
Communicating and Cooperating with Dignity
  • How to ensure that your team and your customers are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Explore the ways people think differently and how this can perpetuate stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Identify ways to discuss and challenge the way you and your team members think about valuing diversity in employment.
Developing a Positive Working Environment
  • Some approaches to developing a positive working environment.
  • Learn about diversity for selecting the right team.
  • How to give feedback to unacceptable behaviour and prevent harassment and bullying.


All managers with a need to update their understanding and knowledge of Equality & Diversity issues at work.


  • Provides practical understanding of equality and diversity legislation.
  • Promotes best practise to support managers in creating and maintaining diverse teams.
  • Understand the cultural differences within teams and how to adapt communication to promote effective collaboration.
  • Develops the skills in approaching unacceptable behaviour.

Food Hygiene & Personal Safety Awareness

  • Become familiar with Food Hygiene legislation.
  • Explore other legislation that can impact upon your Personal Safety.
Preventative Measures
  • Become familiar with hazards and how to manage them.
  • Illustrate how food contamination can occur and understand the special consideration that needs to be given to individuals who suffer from allergies.
Cleanliness and Safety
  • Illustrate effective measures for personal cleanliness.
  • Gain an understanding of our responsibilities in helping to ensure a safe working environment
Control of Premises and Risks
  • Understand the Health and Safety Executive 5-step Risk Assessment process.
  • Explore the requirements of the 7-step Food Regulations Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point assessment.


All individuals working with or responsible for the management of the handling and preparation of food in the private and public sectors.


  • Provides in depth understanding of food hygiene, responsibilities and the legal implications of noncompliance on both individuals and their business or organisation.
  • Provides the skills and tools to identify micro¬organisms and reduce the threat of risks associated with them.
  • Ability and confidence to apply preventative measures to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Understand how personal hygiene can be used to reduce the risks of cross-contamination, and methods used to improve personal cleanliness.
  • Understanding and confidence to develop cleaning and disinfectant regimes within the workplace and at home.