Mental Health:

Dealing with Conflict


Stress Management


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Stress Awareness

Understanding Stress
  • Explore the symptoms and signs of stress.
  • Gain an understanding of how our own thinking patterns can impact upon stress.
  • Evaluate when stress can lead to anxiety disorders.
Stress and Change
  • Understand the reasons why change can cause stress.
  • Explore the different stages we can typically go through when we experience a life changing event and whether it is possible to achieve acceptance.
Dealing with Conflict
  • Understand the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour.
  • Develop strategies for dealing constructively with conflict at work.
  • Evaluate how your own personal behaviours impact upon your ability to relate to difficult people.


All individuals wishing to increase their understanding of the impact of stress within work and personal lives.


  • Understand the impact that stress has on the individual and the organisation.
  • Understand the impact conflict has on an organisation, department and individual.
  • Ability to apply a range of tools and techniques for reducing and handling the impact of stress.
  • Acquired Competencies - Communicating & Responding

Collaboration – Working Better Together

Managing Yourself and Creating Effective Networks
  • Understand the importance of the Behaviours Policy and how to ensure that this is continually developed and reviewed.
  • Explore some specific strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviour.
  • Evaluate your personal style and its impact.
Developing a Positive Working Environment
  • Explore approaches to developing a positive working environment.
  • Learn about diversity and selecting the right team in a fair way.
  • How to give feedback to change unacceptable behaviour and prevent harassment and bullying.
The Project Team
  • Understand what is required to put together/lead the project team.
  • Know what is required of the project leader.
  • Run project meetings effectively.
  • How to handle difficult people/situation.
Working with Others
  • Evaluate the characteristics which make up an effective and an ineffective team.
  • Look at different personality types and how they interrelate to each other in a team.
  • Understand some of the factors that motivate your staff and the importance of the role you play in relation to giving them recognition.


All managers and staff involved in the delivery of collaborative projects and tasks.


  • Provides tools to apply a consistent approach to joint working initiatives.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to prepare for collaborative projects.
  • Skills and confidence to lead a diverse team.
  • Understand how to manage throughout a collaborative project.
  • Ability to use effective communication and assertiveness to resolve issues.