Effective Managers & Leaders


This seminar takes a practical and imaginative look at what great managers and leaders do day-to-day - how they think, what drives them, and how they inspire others to perform at a higher level.

  • Building and evolving a senior team with trust as a foundation
  • How to build and maintain trust
  • Understanding your deeper motivation and linking this to the organisational vision
  • Adopting a ‘Growth mindset’ and staying curious
  • Dealing with ‘adaptive’ challenges where current knowledge and practices won’t provide the answer
  • Adapting your leadership style
  • Empowering others and developing a sense of legacy
  • How to develop empowerment and engagement


Ideal course for managers and leaders looking at developing a level playing and communicate effectively with all concerned. Helps people in positions of authority build trust and confidence with all concerned.  


By attending this seminar, you will understand the importance of organisational trust and how to build and maintain trust. You will also be able to reflect on your own leadership motivations and behaviours and how these affect your leadership approach. You will also learn tools and techniques that will help you adapt your leadership behaviours in order to get the best out of all your people.

You will also learn about the importance of engagement and will be able to identify the four key cornerstones of engagement which lead to higher levels of staff satisfaction and performance.

Duration – 2 hours

Medium – Zoom or Teams