Helping People through Change


This seminar builds on the Leadership and Change module and explore how leaders can support individuals and teams develop resilience in times of change.

The seminar uses a story/metaphor called “The Story of Perkin” which was published in a book called Employee Engagement for Organizational Change to explore how people experience change and what can be done to help develop organisational coping strategies.

Topics covered will include:

  • Safety and certainty and change – do these things tally up?
  • Developing psychological safety during change
  • What is resilience really all about and how to develop resilience
  • Dealing with resistance
  • Entering the Zone of Uncomfortable Debate
  • And how to overcome these
  • How to recognise signs that people may not be coping with change


Ideal seminar for managers and team members involved with continuous improvement and supporting teams through challenging times. Helps mangers understand peoples priorities and challenges and agree better ways of coping with lies ahead.


By attending this seminar, you will have a deeper understanding of how people experience change and you will develop ideas and tools that will help you lead your people through change and transition.  You will also be able to identify sources and causes of resistance and apply strategies to manage resistance.  You will also explore what resilience really means which will help you build resilient teams.

Duration – 2 hours

Medium – Zoom or Teams