Leadership & Change


The last two years has led to unprecedented change. Organisations are having to do more with less, change and pivot their strategies in order to be sustainable, and are seeing new challenges and opportunities open up.  Change however cannot happen without people; and leaders, managers and supervisors are having to support and coach their staff to adapt to new ways of working.

This two-hour online seminar explores the concept of change and the impact on leadership behaviours.

The interactive seminar explores the concept of change and how leaders need to lead through change.


  • Leadership versus management
  • Change versus transition
  • VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous; exploring what this really means and how to lead through it.
  • “The house of change”, what it means for leaders and how to take people from room to room.
  • Leadership behaviours that support change
  • Instigating change – how to do this and take people with you
  • Creating an environment where change is accepted


Ideal seminar for those leaders and managers involved in business critical change and organisational realignment. Helps drive management and team collaboration.


By attending this seminar, you will be able to identify the type of change your team/organisation is facing and develop strategies for managing and leading this change. You will also understand how people react to change and develop techniques and methods to help people through change scenarios.

Duration – 2 hours

Medium – Zoom or Teams