Managing Peoples Welfare Through Challenging Times


This seminar raises awareness of stress and welfare within your workforce developing approach and building resilience.

The seminar utilises the delivery teams experience of managing mental health in high tempo environments such as Iraq & Afghanistan during the 2000’s.  It also explores areas to consider when leading and managing expectations, including what can happen when it all goes wrong.

Topics covered will include:

  • Identifying what stress and welfare is.
  • Identifying the symptoms of stress and personal need.
  • Understanding how organisations and managers can negatively affect a team’s welfare.
  • Debating the real term affect of “Life Stressors” on individuals.
  • Uncomfortable truths and the “Aftershock” of when it goes wrong.
  • How to manage individual expectations so that stress levels can be reduced


An Ideal seminar for managers and team members actively involved in managing people’s expectations and wellbeing through challenging times.


By attending this seminar, you will understand the need to have a balanced approach to the work/life anomaly so that you can develop and support people who could be struggling with mental health issues.  You will explore the negative impact that a lack of staff welfare can have on an organisation’s effectiveness including the tools to improve communication.  In essence, a welfare structured organisation will assist in building resilient teams that achieve their aims.

Duration – 2 hours

Medium – Zoom or Teams