Managing Performance and Performance Motivation


This seminar will rewrite the narrative around performance management. It will challenge the view that performance management is about dealing with poor performance and look at how to make excellent and high performance the norm.


  • What is performance management v performance motivation?
  • The performance management daisy
  • Open versus closed tasks
  • What underpins performance management
  • The PERFORMER checklist and how to make excellent performance the norm
  • Motivating high performing individuals and teams.
  • The art of giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • The role of attitude and behaviours


Ideal for people involved in setting  team members realistic targets and goals. Helps people understand the importance of building resilience and achieving positive results.


By attending this seminar, you will understand the important components of successful performance management and how to motivate people to deliver high levels of performance. You will go away with practical techniques which will help you have focused conversations with your staff which will help them maximise their performance and levels of engagement.

Duration – 2 hours

Medium – Zoom or Teams